By downloading photos or videos from our image library you agree to the following:

Downloaded photos can only be used in the media you have specified when downloading. For example, if you download a photo to use it in a printed brochure and on a website you must specify this when prompted. You cannot then store the image on your computer and use it in another publication a couple of months later. After it has been used, delete it from your computer. If however you want to use it in a different publication, you must download it again specifying the new publication or site it is being used in. This is to ensure that the University has a record of the images used, particularly important where images identifying individuals as it will enable the University to be able to comply with a data subject request under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Photos that have been downloaded to be used in a publication can be kept as part of a design package for archival purposes and stored on a secure server.

Once you have used the photo and archived it with the design artwork it should be deleted from your device or computer.
I agree to the above terms and conditions.
Visual Content Copyright of The University of Manchester. Digital Asset Management Software by Third Light